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Q: What should the buyers do?

A: The Buyer should prepare the pictures and videos for the figures you want,

1. The photos should be taken from every different angle.(The front , side, back)

2. Photo of full body shows the body shape and cloth style.

3. We should stress face: The face is the key to the statue, So we need clear picture for face. More clear, more better.

4. The photos of the action you want.

5. You can take a picture from front and note the following data:
(Stature/Length of arms/Length of legs/Measurements of breast, waist, hips)

We can make the statues accord to the pictures you provided without the detail data. But it would be better if we have these data.

Q: How to prepare the picture for action? 

A: If you can’t find a good picture for action, you can take a photo for yourself and act the action you want the statue shows as following:

Left one: real people                                          Right one: mud draft


Q: How to amend the mud draft?

A: You should mark the point you want to amend on the real people and the mud draft as following picture.

You also should show us your ideas and requirements by words.


Q. What are The Difference between Silicone Wax Figure and Common Wax Figure?


Common Wax Statue

Silicone Wax Statue

Make up

Painted on the surface

Melted into silicone gel


Temporary color

Permanent color


Only can be wiped lightly

Rubbing or   washing is available


Temper :around 22°C

Temper :between 0°C- 40°C


Reflects to light

Close to human skin

Hand feel

Touch is not recommended

Like human skin





Brief details, looks alike from distance

Realistic from all angles

Facial details

Only shows basic expressions

Veins, scars even pimples are fully shown


Breaks when fall

Strong body material prevents relatively light fall

Life span

50 years

Life time long