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Zhao Liying Wax Figure Is Stationed In Madame Tussaud
- Jan 23, 2018 -

Some time ago, Zhao Liying's wax figure was also stationed in Beijing Madame Tussaud's successfully. But when Xiaobian saw the first time of the wax figure, he really suspected that this is really not a middle-aged Zhao Liying, maybe he indirectly made Zhao Liying's mother.

The wax figure was wearing a pink skirt, here is the black leaf embroidery, originally did not like, plus the hairstyle and the dress, think very old. Zhao Liying, who wore an embroidered skirt, stood beside it, with a round face, full of two smiles.

But Zhao Liying was still very calm, although it was not like it, but it was a strange thing to think about it. Like a naughty girl, Ying Bao took the steamed buns of the staff to "feed me".

You don't eat it. I'll eat it myself.

But the editor still thinks the attitude of  Zhao Liying and herself wax figure take a photographic , like take a photography with her mother, for example, to go out and go shopping with her mother's hand.

Help mom clean up her hair.

She leaned on her mother's shoulder

She took her mother's hand

The fans were very fond of Zhao Liying, and it was not easy for Madame Tussaud to make the wax figure like this.