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Wu Lei's Wax Figure Will Be Exposed To Madame Tussaud's In Hongkong
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Today, the Madame Tussaud's in Hongkong is announcing Wu Lei's coming and exposing Wu Lei's wax figure for the first time. The young Wu Lei with photographs in energetic behavior. It is reported that Wu Lei's wax figure will be formally unveiled, this is Wu Lei's first wax figure, and is also a 18 year old gift to Wu Lei from Tussaud, Hongkong.


Wu Lei as a child star debut, was fought in the entertainment industry, its lively and outgoing personality and dedication is enjoyed by many. The precision was over 6 hours, while standing long time consuming a lot of strength, but the warm heart of Wu Lei did not forget to care for the body of the staff put funny interesting expression in neutral, ease the tension in the work atmosphere. Tussauds also said that Wu Lei is not only a studious and dedicated artist, but also a warmer brother. He works very comfortably and comfortably with him, and the young youthful spirit he spreads is very appealing.


It is understood that Wu Lei is the youngest artist of the mainland in Hongkong, but his debut age is not small. Since the age of 3 shooting ads, 5-year-old shooting TV series, so far has more than 50 TV series, but also won the television drama Flying Award children TV series second prize, the National Anthem Festival was the most promising actor award, Star Awards annual leap of artists and many awards , Was the industry as "positive energy young idol."


For Wu Lei's first wax figure, he and his fans were very excited. Wu Lei was very excited about the wax figure. Thanks to Hongkong Tussaud, the staff is very professional, and his detailed explanation for his curiosity is very interesting. Since the last time for Hongkong city's birthday when the wax hand, said Wu Lei has been on the production of wax tools is full of curiosity, this personal experience let him learn a lot of knowledge about wax, full of harvest. For the wax figure, he revealed that there was an absolute surprise and a story. And he hope everyone can meet with 18 years old of "Wu Lei"as soon as possible.