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William Feng Wax Figure Officially Enters Shanghai Madame Tussaud's
- Nov 12, 2018 -

In November 11th, William Feng appeared in Madame Tussaud's and took a group photo with his wax figure. In the photo, Feng Shaofeng's wax figure looks very handsome in a suit, and the same is true of Feng Shaofeng beside it, but he is different from the wax figure's coat and shoes, otherwise it really gives people a silly sense of who is the real person. Feng Shaofeng was very excited to see his wax figure. He came up and took pictures with his wax figure. Such a "shoulder-to-shoulder" look is really like a twin brother. Seeing that there were many fans who came to take pictures, Feng Shaofeng began to compare his heart, and saw that he was more serious than his heart, which was a little cute. The wax figure beside him looks almost the same on his face. Seeing Feng Shaofeng so happy, it can be seen that life after marriage makes him happier.