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Waxwork Of DNA Genes
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Have you ever seen wax figures with DNA genes? From June 23 to 25, at the 23rd guangzhou art fair in the spring, the popularity of "visual DNA· making 'man' project -- the elephant Oriental ultra-realistic simulation figure exhibition" reached its peak. The audience holding mobile phones on three floors and three floors outside the center took photos of the three wax statues, and they all felt like real people. The "man" project of the eastern elephant's visual DNA is to use the traditional wax figure as the visual expression medium and pursue the simulation method of restoring the DNA level, so as to achieve the artistic effect of confusing the real and the fake characters visually. In this exhibition, the elephant east presents three groups of ultra-realistic wax figure works created by the wax figure artist zhou xuelong: artist, family and on the road. The super realistic oil painting led the army cold.