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Wax Statue Of William Chan
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Chen weiting officially entered madame tussauds wax museum in Beijing on July 5 as the "dream music ambassador". He unveiled his wax figure at the scene. After carefully examining his wax figure, the most satisfying part of the self-disclosure was the pectoral muscle: "how hard, his pectoral muscle!" When fans chanted to buy New Year tickets to see the wax figure every day, chan responded with a bit of thought and a joke: "don't touch it!" The crowd burst into laughter.

It is reported that the wax figure specially selected "chan wai-ting InsideMe tour" the classic laser suit model, the sense of technology is very strong. At the scene, curious baby chan wei ting saw his wax figure and immediately looked back and forth carefully, then said that the most satisfied part was the chest muscle. As for the details of the wax figure, chan also said his "big eyes", scars on his forehead and even the bite muscles that he used to bite his teeth when he was nervous were caught by the wax figure's makers.