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Wax-like Silica Gel Like The Moulding And Stripping
- Nov 26, 2017 -

Wax-like silica gel is made to go through three procedures of engraving, pouring and stripping. Available clay sculpture model for material, carving technology is not simple, must have higher artistic accomplishment, beginners wax silicone like making should choose a simpler model, patience to learn, their own achievements.

Wax - like silica gel will be performed by the branch when it is produced.

Wax silicone like making clay sculpture model of three-dimensional model, is a solid must be plaster poured out of the hollow inward concave model can wax silicone like, if you have no experience in mold, also can be customized to the designed model company. If it is a form of waxwork, it will be done by the division. For example, the head builds a mold, the body also builds a mold, the hand and the foot to build another model, in order to make it easier to unmold. If it is a large wax-like silica gel, it is necessary to divide some parts into several modules to connect the modules together to form the modules of a certain part. For example, a head of wax, just need to put the head of the ministries, such as ear, nose, mouth poured into several gypsum mold, then connect the parts together into a complete and detachable hollow gypsum mould.

Wax-like silica gel is a way of making deformable

After the wax is solidified like the raw material, the method is to remove it and soak it in water for a while, then it will be free from plaster mold. The complex module is divided into several parts, so the last part is to glue the pieces together. Wax silicone like making first waxes and stearic acid in the pot to heat, all melt, at the same time keep stir well, a bit cold after adding pigment, stir again several times, so as to avoid deep light uneven or have hair flower of cons. Then pour it into a pre-coated oil model, which will solidify in about 10 minutes, and turn the mold into a figure of wax like silicone.