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Ukraine's First Statue Of Confucius Unveiled
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The statue of Confucius, the first bronze statue of Ukraine, was unveiled at the knowledge Plaza of Kiev Polytechnic University. Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Movqiang, National Congressman Andriyevsky and representatives of local culture, education and students attended the opening ceremony of nearly 400 people.


The bronze statue of Confucius was conceived by the famous Ukrainian sculptor Zinoba and his wife Girova for 10 years and took one year to complete. The statue is 3.5 meters high. On the base of marble, Confucius'famous saying is engraved in Chinese and Ukrainian bilingualism: "Learning without thinking is foolish, thinking without learning is perilous".


Du Wei, the Chinese ambassador to Ukraine, said at the opening ceremony that it was no accident that the Ukrainian people loved and respected Confucius and that many of the essence of Confucianism resonated with the Ukrainian people. Zigulovsky, president of Kiev Polytechnic University, said that Confucius was known in China as a "model teacher for all generations", and his spirit has been encouraging teachers and students to seriously pursue their studies and serve the country for thousands of years. The statue of Confucius settled in Kiev Polytechnic University is an important event in 120th anniversary of the school.


Mofuqiang said that rich and colorful cultural exchanges can greatly promote the development of inter-state relations, Confucius statue achievements are a good example. I believe the two sides will get more achievements in communication and cooperation in the cultural field.