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This Group Of Sculptures Does Not Use A Single Leaf, But It Looks Like A Real Creature
- Nov 16, 2018 -

The lifelike sculptures are from South Florida artist Amy Gross, who says his sculpture is a tribute to nature.


In one group of works, bees crawl on a platform composed of leaves, honeycombs and mosses, while other works contain a variety of birds and mushroom fungi.


Although sculptures reflect a natural symbiotic relationship, their structure has nothing to do with nature in terms of color and material.


There are no plant or biological samples in her works. Every detail is handmade, such as yarn, beads, wire and paper.


"I've never used anything with life in my work," Gross said. "My work imitates living things, but it doesn't wither or die."


Perhaps the significance of this group of works is that in the changeable and uncontrollable real world, slowing down the decline and pursuing eternal life are the most essential aspirations of all living beings.