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The Statue Of A Famous Nepalese Artist Anigo Has Been Completed In His Hometown.
- Oct 03, 2018 -

The statue of Anigo, a famous Nepalese artist and architect, was officially completed in his hometown of Patan on September 22. Nepal President Bhandari and Chinese ambassador to Nepal attended the inauguration ceremony.


Born in 1244 in Patan, Anigo lived and worked in the Yuan Dynasty for decades, presiding over the construction of Beijing's Miaoying Temple (White Pagoda Temple) and other buildings.

In his speech, Bandari said that Anigo's artistic achievements were widely praised and made great contributions to promoting cultural exchanges and close relations between Nepal and China. Nepal is proud of this.

Anigo sculpture designer Prakash said that the design and production of the statue took about eight months, making reference to a lot of materials and objects, including the Anigo bronze statue in Beijing White Pagoda Temple.

The bronze statue, about 2 meters high and weighs about 180 kilograms, is located in the compound of the pat city government. Mayor Mahar Zhan of Patan told reporters that this is the first Anigo bronze statue in Patan, hoping that more Chinese tourists can visit Anigo's hometown.