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The Queen Of England, Who Has Her Own Wax Figure At The Age Of 2
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Born in 1926, the queen of England, Elizabeth II, was honored in her life. In 1928, the two year old princess had her first wax figure.

In 1956, the 30 year old queen, with an elegant expression.

In 1969, 43 of the queen, the wax figure was a little weird.

In 1977, the 51 year old queen was very serious.

In 1985, the 59 year old queen revealed an elegant royal temperament.

In 2001, the queen was 75 years old, wearing a crown, wearing a dress and wearing a blue ribbon. The was figure was very vivid and serious.

In 2012, the queen was 86 years old, with a smile and a good look.

The Queen's wax figure costs 150 thousand pounds. The queen wears George and queen of diamonds and pearls, wearing Ivory dresses and blue silk ribbons, and is considered the most realistic queen wax figure. Obama, the former president of the United States, had a photo of the Queen's wax figure.