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The Most Embarrassed Star Wax Figure In Madame Tussaud's, And The Last Is The Worst One
- Jan 23, 2018 -

We all know that the famous Madame Tussaud's has a lot of star wax figure, and some wax figures are very reality, but however, there also have some wax figures are not very good. Now we have to look at some memorable wax figures.


Bangkok Madame Tussaud's wax figure of Naomi Campbell found a lot of mistakes, in addition to supermodel ratio, the artist also reduces Campbell's skin, and change Campbell's light brown eyes to bright blue eyes., it looks so strange, very stiff appearance that make people a little afraid.


Tyler Swift's wax figure of Madame Tussaud's in New York, Silver Eye Shadow and glinting bangs seem more like an unknown high school student than a pop star.


Considering that the actress has already published a whole self timer, it seems that the artist made Kim Kardashian's wax figure to make the picture look more like Kardashian's stiff picture.


Let Anngelina Jolie's nose be clearer, her lips smaller and put on a smaller chin, so you can find the average lady who looks like Anji in Las Vegas's Madame Tussaud's.


The replica of Rihanna was created in the Madame Tussaud's of Las Vegas, but such strange wax figure is also embarrassing. I don't know what courage is to make these wax figures appear to everyone.


Michael Jackson had plastic surgery hobby may make his appearance is difficult to be fixed. Michael, a handsome man, has been made into such a strange form. It looks more like a more procrastination female models than the king of pop. I think the handsome classic Mike may be the worst one to be black.