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The Difference Between Chinese And Western Sculpture
- Nov 26, 2017 -

The difference between Western sculpture and sculpture Chinese need to analyze from several aspects, first, the public is essentially different to them, in the Western sculpture practitioners are called sculptor, painter and artist was looking at them, there is a group, known in Chinese sculpture practitioners as a craftsman, their social status low, only known as ordinary employees, even the garbage. With the influx of Western sculpture, these sculpture practitioners were recognized, sculpture was listed as an important part of art, the status of Chinese sculptor was promoted, only to increase the public recognition of sculptors. This is one of the reasons for the difference between Western sculpture and Chinese sculpture.

Secondly, from the practical level, in modern times, although Chinese sculptors and Western sculptors are very similar in their creative forms, their social responsibilities are quite different. In China, the sculpture is still a member of the traditional division of labor, its main responsibility is to build statues for the temple, stone carving for the building. On the one hand, they have no free space for independent creation; on the other hand, their works lack the ability to intervene in social reality from the aspects of the objects of expression and the space of the works. In the west, in the "studio" free sculpture can express their social observation with the help of works, the strength of the work is not inferior to the painters of the same age. The Western sculptures, which have been established and profited by the parties, can enter various public spaces of modern society, such as squares, streets and parks, and their works will naturally attract public attention. This is another reason for the difference between Western sculpture and Chinese sculpture.