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The Bear Sculptures On The Road Are Lifelike, Causing The Driver To Be Frightened And Hit The Road Sign.
- Jun 27, 2018 -


According to the daily mail of June 24th, a wooden bear statue in the small town of Llanwrtyd Wells in central Welsh, a "Guardian", has caused a car accident to be removed.


It is reported that this 10 foot (about 3 meters) tall bear statue stands in town Lan F Te de Wells for 15 years. However, a woman driver recently accused the statue of being very realistic. She was mistaken as a real bear when she drove through, and she was going to attack her and hit a roadside sign sign in a panic. The statue therefore faces the risk of being removed.

The townspeople were dissatisfied with the proposal. A local resident, who did not want to be named, said, "the woman saw the wooden bear when he passed by, thinking it would jump out of her, and then the car lost control and hit the sign." She was on holiday in Canada, or from Canada, so she thought it was a real bear.

The driver complained to the highway officials, ordered the removal of the wooden bear on the grounds of health and safety. But local residents are opposed to moving it away. Peter James Peter James said: "bear sculpture has been the landmark of the city for 15 years. We have asked the Welsh administration to listen to our views on road safety issues, but they have not discussed the matter with the town council or local residents.

Now, the wooden bear is on sale. Temporary traffic lights have been installed on roads since the accident in May. A spokesman for the Welsh administration said: "the sculpture on the road will distract people, so they must be removed.