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The Art Of Sculpture In Life
- Nov 26, 2017 -

Sculpture is very common in our lives. Sculpture is a kind of art, it can beautify the city environment, but also has symbolic significance.

There are many kinds of sculpture, including animal sculpture, figure sculpture, garden stone carving, campus sculpture, landscape sculpture and so on. When we see a sculpture at ordinary times, most of the time is to appreciate it, and it will not go to much research on its significance. In fact, sculpture is symbolic. For example:

Most of the sculptures are in the form of outdoor sculpture, which are distributed in the scenic spots and scenic spots, and are integrated with the environment. It has the function of beautifying the environment and inheriting the culture;

Urban sculptures, most of which are located in the main landmark buildings, streets and commercial areas of the city. It mainly displays the role of urban history, culture and modern civilization;

Campus sculpture, this sculpture exists in the form of indoor and outdoor sculpture in the campus, generally contains a certain sense of encouragement and commemoration, and can be integrated with the campus culture and history, the teachers and students play a role of inspiration and advocacy.