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Take You Into The Garden Sculpture
- Nov 26, 2017 -

Garden sculpture refers to the sculpture used in parks and gardens, with the composition of gardens, most of them are outdoors, and the subjects are extensive. The botanical garden sculpture can reflect the social spirit of the times through the artistic image, showing some ideological content, not only can decorate the landscape, but also become a local garden even garden design center. It is generally located in the squares, flower beds and avenues of regular gardens, and can also be dotted on the slopes, meadows, pools or water of natural gardens. Garden sculpture is an important element in environmental decoration, garden sculpture is a relatively high artistic sculpture works, because these garden sculptures in the background of the garden environment, but also to highlight their own theme, these garden sculptures for the public aesthetic vision.

In the garden, such a garden sculpture is the first choice of landscape designers, garden sculpture has a variety of styles, all kinds of subjects, these garden sculptures have strong narrative, will create a story picture.  Of course, the size and size of garden sculpture should be designed according to the environment it needs to be placed. It is large and small.  Garden sculpture can bring the elegance of art to us. Set the sculpture in the garden, the theme and the image should be in harmony with environment, sculpture and space where the size and scale to have the appropriate proportion, and the need to consider the sculpture itself towards, and the relationship between color and background, the sculpture and garden environment set off each other, complement.

Garden sculpture has a long history. During the Renaissance, sculpture has become an important part of Italy gardens. Sculpture in the garden or combined with garden water, or decorative layer, and even set up exhibition sculpture based "Garden Museum", "Sculpture Park"". Garden sculpture still occupies an important position in the gardens of Europe and the United states.