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Sports Light Sculpture, A Colorful Feast
- Jun 26, 2018 -

British artists, physicists and comprehensive scientific fanatics, Paul Friedlander, made a sports light sculpture, which provides a colorful feast for the vision.


Each part of the work provides light and a visual mixture of high speed rotation through the white belt. The vibrating cord becomes invisible to the human eye, but the color of the light, which is usually invisible to the naked eye, is continuously displayed.




The science artist transformed his career history into art and explained it scientifically: "I decided to put the focus on the dynamic art: This is a theme that can combine the background of my separation, and combine my physical knowledge with the light I love, in 1983, in London contemporary art. Yes, I showed the first sculpture to use "chromastrobic light", a technology developed using the visual characteristics of the human eye, and I found it a year before the creation of the sculpture. "Chmastrobic light" changes the speed of color beyond the human eye's perception. This creates an extraordinary way to make the form change abrupt with fast movement.