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Spain Set Up Statues For Bosco
- Oct 05, 2018 -

In the early morning of September 27, Real Madrid and Barcelona also lost in the La Liga League, this phenomenon has not appeared in La Liga for many years. In the view of former Spanish national team manager Bosco, it is not a bad thing for Real Madrid to lose at the same time.


Former Spanish national team coach Bosque has a supreme place in the hearts of Spanish fans because he led Spain to a historic World Cup championship. A statue of Bosque has been unveiled in the central Spanish city of Salamanca to commemorate the coach's contribution to Spanish football.

Bosque was naturally very grateful for putting up his own statue. He maintained a moderate attitude and thanked the Spanish fans for their love for him. Bosque said he was moved by the fact that he had travelled almost all Spanish provinces as head coach and that fans in all cities showed great respect for him.


In addition to erecting the statue, Spain's zero point radio also took the opportunity to interview Bosque about yesterday morning's La Liga League defeat by Real Madrid and Barcelona. Bosque believes that it is not a bad thing for Real Madrid and Barcelona to lose in La Liga at the same time, he said: "Real Madrid and Barcelona lost in the same round is not a bad thing, because it is good for the La Liga to maintain intense competition."

So who lost the game between Real Madrid and Barcelona even more surprised by Bosco? Bosque said: "I was more surprised at Real Madrid's loss, but we have to admit that Sevilla played a very good game."