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Simulation Of Silica Gel And Its Characteristics
- Nov 26, 2017 -

Feature 1: the simulated silicon image is not deformed

The simulation of silica gel is made from the invention of wax-like foundation. It fills wax like light, easy to break, and not high temperature. For its comprehensive technical and artistic level, high simulation silica gel as the upgrading of traditional wax, the characteristics of "skin" elastic close to reality, at 20 ℃ and 60 ℃ ambient temperature deformation, no fading, drop off dust can be wash with water.

Characteristic 2: the simulated silicon image is permanent

In its vivid artistic expression, long service life and economic maintenance costs, high simulation silicone like museums, memorial halls, various kinds of theme park, culture and art center is most suitable for, one of the most popular means of permanent display. This is also why some factory museums are waiting to customize the basic reason for the simulated silica gel.