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Shuimunianhua Wax Figure Unveiled In Dalian
- Mar 12, 2018 -

In March 11, 2018, the famous folk music humanities combination "Shuimunianhua" group of two people: Lu Gengxu and Miu Jie wax figure unveiled in curtain opened (Dalian) Museum which is located in the Central Avenue five floor in Xi'an road , and declared officially stationed in the museum.

Two in the afternoon, "Shuimunianhua" came to the museum, met with hundreds of fans, answer questions

With the fans after the meeting, Lu Gengxu and Miao Jie in dozens of media to witness, for the opening of his wax, see his wax figure, Lu Gengxu said "it's unbelievable, amazing even each hair feeling with their miaojie jokes, as like as two peas" to introduce their own wax figure said "this is my the twin brothers, then stationed in Dalian, please take care, attracted media laughter again and again.