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Sculpture Made Of Paper
- Sep 28, 2018 -

What can paper be used for? Writing, painting, origami boats. These are all more common. Have you ever heard of sculptures made of paper?

Chinese origami cattle Li Hongbo is such an artistic master. His skillful hands can turn paper into vivid sculpture. This is not much. The main point is that these sculptures are still alive. Believe it or not, if you gently move the statue, the look of the statue will change, as if it were alive. It was unbelievable that his head went off again.


In the past, sculpture was made of hard material and made of paper. This is the first time I heard about it. How does this soft paper make sculpture?


Originally, he put the pieces of paper together and glued them up. It takes 8,000 pieces of paper to make a good head, which means 8,000 times to stick it again. It's a real strenuous job. Then the paper heap is divided into several layers, each of which depicts the outline of the sculpture, then roughly cut and cut out, and finally polished with a grinder. After a long time of meticulous work, a beautiful paper sculpture appeared in the eyes of the world.