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Photo Of Stars And Their Wax Figures, It Is Quite Like It!
- Mar 04, 2018 -

Jackie Chan and his wax figure standing together, clothing hairstyle completely one to a very high degree of similarity.

Huang Xiaoming touched his face, a look of force, whether it is eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, really is refined and refinement, one to one, it is too much like it!

Liu Yifei stand next to her wax figure, holding her shoulders, like two sisters, a confident atmosphere, a tender and lovely.

Look at this one, who is this wax figure, which is two live fairy sister

Zhou Libo's wax figure similarity is quite high, regardless of height or expression are in place, the two stations together, from the incurable.

Fan Bingbing and her wax figure standing opposite the significant burly a lot, but the gas field is still full。

Nicky Wu wearing robes, naughty microphone delivered to their own wax figure in front of two true and false you out of the emperor out?

Yang Yang's wax figure is very realistic, look at this photo, really die, awesome!