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Mark Chao Wax Figure Unveiled At Shanghai Madame Tussaud's
- May 07, 2018 -

In May 4th, Mark, a film actor who was born in Taipei, attended the "top class party" area in Shanghai Madame Tussaud's in Shanghai. This is not only an affirmation of Mark's ten year show business, but also a blessing for his future development. On the spot, Mark also cut the ten years' performance "birthday cake" in the blessing of fans.

赵又廷在影迷们的祝福声中,切下十年演艺“生日”蛋糕。 殷立勤 摄

赵又廷为自己的蜡像揭幕。 殷立勤 摄

赵又廷和自己的蜡像。 殷立勤 摄