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Los Angeles Art Fair
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Liu yilin, a contemporary artist, is the mascot "cute donkey" sculpture designed by wujiachang village, xiayuan district, zhangjiakou city, hebei province, which was selected for the large-scale exhibition of Chinese art. Liu yilin, a native of fengyang, anhui province, has never accepted education, but has created over 6,000 small sculptures, 12,000 pen paintings and 1,600 oil paintings in just a few years. In recent years, art works have made a great impact in the international arena. Liu yilin's works reflect the characteristics of Oriental color, original simplicity and universal beauty. Among them, the design of "cute donkey" fully reflects the artist's creative idea: to promote Oriental charm with art and to go to the world with original artistic style.