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Like Apollo
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Early Greek statue with traces of imitation of Egyptian sculpture modelling, antique period is still remaining, but the sculptor already not content to imitate, tries to explore the human body structure and the human body with his own eyes, to create realistic, natural, lively artistic image.

Most of the male statues in the ancient wind period were carved in front of the tomb, some of them were the deceased themselves, some stood for the dead, commonly known as the Apollo statue, which was caused by the homogeneity of the ancient Greek gods. Young man standing for naked, take more standing posture. It is called the youth stands resemble there was Egypt modelling of Apollo program, but he bowed their heads and gestures posture has emerged into daily life, he see down, arms stretched forward, seems to have a connector, see figure forms from vertical rigidity to life activities in the previous step.