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Lady Gaga New Wax Figure Was Frantically Spied By The Netizens In Peru
- Dec 25, 2017 -

According to foreign media reports, the day before a wax museum in Peru to exhibit Lady Gaga wax, wax ugly and scary, and it was complainted simmediately after exposure, netizen said this wax figure is Halloween version of "like a ghost".


It is reported that this Lady Gaga has a grey messy hair, high and long nose, and uneven color lipstick, wearing Lady Gaga iconic sexy dress, and the wax figure behind the Lady Gaga picture is almost impossible to find similarities, rather COS witch.

"Lady Gaga has a creepy twin sister!" a lot of netizens have not given up on this opportunity. "Is it also a professional Lady Gaga wax figure, is it this?" "Is this the wax figure of a cockroach? It killed Lady Gaga and put on her clothes! " Lady Gaga would be surprised to see the wax figure.

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