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Jay Chou's Photo With His Wax Figure Is Ridiculed By His Wife: Why Are Your Wax Figure So Thin?
- Apr 03, 2018 -

In March 27th, Jay Chou caught a picture of himself and his wax figure on his personal social networking platform, and was laughed at by his wife, Kunling, "why is your wax figure so thin?" Netizens have said: "Jay Chou, who likes to drink milky tea, need go on and lose weight. "


In the photo, Jay Chou looks handsome and fashionable in jeans, and the wax figure is the same height as himself. The similarity is very high. But the difference is that Jay Chou, standing next to the wax figure, looks more fat than a wax figure. His wife Hannah Quinlivan commented, "how is your wax image so thin!"

Seeing the message from Hannah Quinlivan, netizens have commented: "Jay Chou is happy fat, but sister-in-law is a great achievement. The task of urging him to lose weight is on Hannah Quinlivan.