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It Seems To Be Azeroth! The Wow VR Experience Will Permanently Settle In The Madame Tussaud's In Hongkong
- Mar 04, 2018 -

Last year, the experience of World of Warcraft VR, which was exhibited in many places such as Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan, will be permanently settled in Hongkong Madame Tussaud's from March.

A few years ago, the VR experience of wow was carried out in Madame Tussaud's around the world. In Hongkong, it is convenient for more Chinese WOWER to visit Ai Ze Lars, who was once guarded. In addition to the lifelike wow wax figures, the scene will also provide a mask like VR helmet to give players a 360 degree view of the scene in the game.

         Wear VR glasses

          Scene photo of wax figure