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It's Hard To Recognize! The Wax Figure Is Very Like Wang Baoqiang Himself
- Jan 02, 2018 -

On Christmas Eve 2017, Wang Baoqiang appeared in Changsha to participate in the waxing ceremony. Since then, Wang Baoqiang also has a "twin brother," and the wax figure of Wang Baoqiang, who lives in the Changsha National Wax Museum, is said to cost about 6 million yuan. And attended the event the same day, Wang Baoqiang also put on the same clothes like the wax figure.


It's hard to recognize! The wax figure is very like Baoqiang Wang himself, and the netizen praised the wax figure as if it was more like a real person. Looking at the expression of this wax figure, the appearance is still extraordinary temperament. When they stand together, they can't tell who is true.


Wang Baoqiang has many awkward smile during the activities, Wang Baoqiang himself is an honest man's image in the minds of the audience, but this wax figure expression is too bad taste, a romantic thought portray bad guy's penetrating. People who do not know him once looking at the wax figure's face will definitely want to go to give it a slap in the face.