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Incredible Sculpture
- Nov 02, 2018 -

Speaking of sculpture, it is estimated that everyone is no stranger, because now there are many street sculptures in the streets and alleys, which can make people happy, but few of them can see some incredible sculptures, and the next six sculptures are very surprising sculptures!


"Puppet Master" , a large sculpture standing on a similar wire, with a rope to control a small sculpture, let people see the fear, fear that the big sculpture from the wire sculpture down!


"Coffee Kiss", two cups of coffee poured out of the cup, formed two faces in the air, and kissed together


"Steel float ball", a huge iron ball tied to a rope, and this iron ball seems to be unaffected by gravity, a vigorous flight into the sky, but fortunately there is a huge chain tied to it!


"Pause". Two huge pieces of iron stick together, but one piece of iron looks as if it is about to fall on the ground. It makes people unconsciously worry about the people under the sheet.


"Flying," a man lay on the ground, the birds have been struggling to pull up the man, as if to take the man to go!


"The ladder of the window", this work wants to express that people nowadays are always trying to pry into the secrets behind the window, but only after the past, they found that the world behind the window is exactly the same as their own world!