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I Give 100 Points For Yang Yang's Wax Figure
- Mar 09, 2018 -

Yang Yang's wax figure is formally admitted to Madame Tussaud's today, and Yang Yang's wax image is simply "the noon sun in the wax world" (conscience).

At the scene, Yang Yang and the wax figure sat together, moving without moving, and it was really hard to tell what was true.

This wax completely caught Yang Yang's charm, oval face, high nose, cherry mouth, even when a soldier made a perfect body, is exactly the same. Yang Yang is happy, the consequences will be grievous, he directly act in collusion with his wax figure, like a small fan

Yang Yang's narcissistic look at the front of the wax figure, like a mirror.

It is said that the choice of the color of the the wax figure eyeball. It spent forty or fifty minutes in the production team, took more than 1000 pictures and took every detail of Yang Yang, and recorded it very meticulously. Yang Yang also mischievously called on fans to come to the wax museum and "help me to sort out my hair."