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Huang Zitao's First Wax Figure Was Unveiled At Hongkong Madame Tussaud's
- May 07, 2018 -

In May 2nd, Huang Zitao's first worldwide wax figure unveiling ceremony was held at the Madame Tussaud's in Hongkong and became the first male artist to enter the fashion area in 2018. On the day of the event, Huang Zitao and the wax figure appeared in the same dress. It is reported that this suit was the model of the PROMISE tour of Huang Zi Tao last year, showing his frankness and unruly fashion style. It is the dress that Huang Zitao likes very much, and it also represents the beginning of his music.

The day of activity is Huang Zitao's 25 year old birthday. Hongkong Madame Tussaud's specially arranged this time to send him this unique birthday surprise. In this regard, Huang Zitao said that he was particularly moved to meet his birthday with "himself". No matter how big he was in the future, he was 24 years old when he was always fixed. Thank you for all this in Hongkong's Madame Tussaud's. This will be a beautiful and special memory of his fans. Huang Zitao's C gestures express musical attitude.

On the scene of the wax figure unveiling ceremony, Huang Zitao and his wax figure pose the "C" gestures at the same time. For his world's first wax figure, Huang Zitao attached great importance and diligently, from the wax figure modeling to the wax posture, he made a serious proposal to give fans a new Huang Zitao, a C gesture to the wax image, and Huang Zitao said the waves were familiar to the waves, and all understood him. This is his musical attitude. Life is endless, C-pop is not enough, we expect the waves to play more C models and convey their musical attitude. We all stick to their dreams together. Hongkong tusssa sends hand model fans to Huang Zitao.