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Huang Bo's Wax Figure Was Unveiled, He Was Both Anxious And Nervous: The Most Feared Of The Man Was To Face Himself
- Feb 05, 2018 -

In February 4th, the Madame Tussaud's of Beijing was entered by actor Huang Bo Wax Figure. When the Tussauds meet the Golden Horse winner, a gluttonous feast of acting instantly open. It has faded away the changeable role modeling before the screen. Huang Bo's wax figure appeared in a neat black suit in front of everyone's eyes. His lips were tiny and his posture was casual. His smart expression reflected Huang Bo's gentle humor. "The two winner" brought a "double winner" the highlight for the audience in Beijing Tussauds,.

On the day of the unveiling, the winter weather was cold in Beijing . But Huang Bo's humorous and interesting field interaction has frequently caused the audience's laughter, and many fans who have come to the opening ceremony are warm. Before the unveiling of the wax figure, Huang Bo confessed that he was very nervous. He was looking forward to being afraid of himself. As soon as the wax figure was unveiled, it immediately aroused the people's exclamation, and the audience in the scene showed that the wax figure was stunning. Huang Bo then jokes that he chose to sit in the Madame Tussaud's in Beijing is not to disclose the true height, maintain the tall image in the hearts of the audience. Huang Bo also encouraged young people to try more, break through the shackles of reality and do what they really want to do. Taking for example the new director of the scene incarnation of one knee for his wax figure with the script. While showing fans how to interact with their own wax figures, he also appealed to fans to open their brain holes, to come to Beijing Madame Tussaud's to interact with their wax figures, telling the story of Huang Bo.