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How To Pick Wax Figures
- Nov 26, 2017 -

Wax art has a long history. Good wax art can reflect the wisdom and skills of wax maker. For the museum collection of wax art people, the collection of high-quality wax art works, can increase the overall image of the museum grade, can give visitors busy space inject infinite vitality, and at the same time to create a rich imagination of their own museum space.

In the selection of factory production of wax art, we need to visit wax production factories, factory production process and inspection of semi-finished products, the quality of the finished products, wax art or paraffin, made of silicon, made out of the characters of morphology, ecology, whether vivid lifelike, skin color is true. In addition, carefully observe the skin texture and pore details are similar to real people, because the production process and production level is different, the price gap is great. Whether in the past or now, in the museum, memorial, the former residence of the celebrities in various indoor exhibition hall, wax art, that is, the display and display of art is extremely important. It is an important part of Museum and Memorial Exhibition, and it is one of the elements of public exhibition. It can not only play a key role and excellent, can clearly point out the memorial hall, the museum displays wax art theme, and often become visual center, has an important role. Therefore, in the museum, Memorial Museum exhibition, art wax is highly valued by the designers and the choice of the exhibition hall.

First of all, we should learn about the types of wax art. In all kinds of wax art, roughly divided into wax and silicone like two categories: 1. wax features: long service life. The wax statue that Madame Tussauds produced in London more than 200 years ago has been preserved intact.  And silicone is just making molds or parts of the body limited use. Wax figure is not afraid of low temperature, easy to modify, making characters of high precision, can show the precise character of all kinds of skin texture, can be permanently painted, can be cleaned many times. Wax shortcomings: not high temperature, 75 degrees to withstand the highest temperature (don't worry temperature in the equatorial region), afraid of human bump damage easily. 2. silicone image features: hand closer to the skin texture of the real life, permanent coloring, the main color system deployment before the coagulation of silica gel, add color dissolved in the outer layer inside, washable, cloth wiping, hand rub. Not afraid of falling, not afraid of pinch, elastic, can be zero distance contact, touch. Resistance to 230 degrees, high temperature 120 degrees low temperature, can be cleaned several times. Silica gel image defects: because silica gel is relatively easy to aging, the service life is relatively short, imported high-quality, high life silicone service life is probably about 40 years. The process is relatively complex, the price is relatively high development in recent years, due to the excellent properties of silicone polymer, silicone wax more popular and widely used, using silica gel material wax material character more vivid in waxy material, the surface of the elastic skin texture stronger, not afraid to fall, not afraid of pinch, no deformation, no cracking, the audience can zero distance contact to silicone wax. Good wax art value is higher, but also has a certain ornamental, so these items are museum, memorial museum exhibits, but also a kind of admiration for the great, celebrity works of art.

Different kinds of wax art, placed in the display, special attention will be placed in the appropriate position, but not excessive, only well placed, just perfect, in order to obtain good decoration decorative effect. But not too much, everywhere placed full boarded, so that not only will not play the role of wax art, its effect will be counterproductive, obviously chaotic. In addition, it can cover the vacancy and defect of the exhibition hall through the display of wax art.

Fine wax art can not only play a good role in exhibition decoration, but also can cultivate people's sentiments, strengthen self-cultivation, improve the aesthetic level of people. Therefore, we choose wax art, should choose according to their own figures show the theme selection, which is suitable for the museum environment, can reflect the cultural theme of the museum, and novel, has high artistic value and good decorative effect of wax art.