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How To Carry Out Routine Wax Maintenance And Maintenance?
- Nov 26, 2017 -

Wax figure art belongs to the category of super realism sculpture art. It has the name of "three dimensional photography". It has high verisimilitude, reducibility, intuition and visibility. At the end of the twentieth Century, wax art, as a new art of display, was widely used in museums, memorial halls, celebrities' former residences and other places, and special wax art exhibitions appeared one after another. The daily maintenance and maintenance of wax sculpture art has entered the vision of Museum staff.

Wax by bare part and non exposed parts, exposed parts (mainly face hand) mostly wax as raw material, with silicone rubber and resin as raw materials, but are consumables, fragile; non exposed parts (part of the body, mostly on foot) glass steel material is hard the main outside with the appropriate clothing, maintenance is simple. The material characteristics of wax wax determine its easy corrosion, easy to mold, easy to crack, easy to passivation. Most of the wax art in China is displayed in relatively fixed and enclosed indoor exhibition hall. The relative fixation of the exhibition hall ensures that the air environment in the wax museum is relatively fixed, which is conducive to the protection of the wax statue; on the other hand, it also makes the life of the wax sculpture closely related to the indoor air environment, and the air quality of the exhibition hall directly determines the service life of the wax figure. The display characteristics and material characteristics of the wax show that the museum staff should pay attention to the air environment of the exhibition hall. The main air pollution sources in the wax art exhibition hall include the following aspects. First, the acid gas oxide exists widely in the air, it is difficult to enter the barrier; secondly, in the process of the exhibition hall, a large number of formaldehyde release brings modern building decoration materials; third, various volatile organic compounds; fourth, to the audience in the hall of the air flow in the air pollution; fifth, various suspension particulate matter and biological pollutants; finally, the hall is equipped with wax costumes, props, and other cultural relics will also cause some impact on air environment. Above all, the air pollution factors caused by wax art exhibition hall have a large or small impact on the exposed part of the wax figure. If the control is not good, it will aggravate the corrosion, mildew, cracking and other phenomena of wax painting works, thereby reducing the service life of wax painting works. The daily maintenance and maintenance of wax figures need to pay attention to the following points. First, to ensure that the wax museum in a constant temperature and humidity state; second, to ensure the good ventilation of the wax art exhibition hall; third, to ensure that the work of wax sculpture is not affected by the external environment erosion. The daily maintenance of wax sculpture has the following methods. First, it is necessary to measure the temperature and humidity of the wax exhibition hall every day, and adjust the air conditioning system and humidity system according to the flow of the audience and other foreign factors. Second, in order to ensure that the wax sculpture is not affected by the external chemical environment corrosion, the exhibition hall using antiseptic, mildew proof chemicals to ensure that the wax works harmless, the air quality of the exhibition room harmless, and must be successful after the trial use. Third, in the clean wax, the bare parts and non exposed parts must be separated, generally speaking, first clean non exposed parts, including hair, clothing, props, etc., and then clean exposed parts. For the non exposed part of the cleaning procedure is first vacuum, and finally, ironing clothes; for the exposed part of the cleaning, should be more careful, step should be the first to use wool brush to brush the face, the hand of the dust, and then a slightly wet towel to wipe gently, finally. Fourth, because the wax art exhibition hall to receive the audience every day, which makes the work of wax sculpture by the outside interference is more frequent, so at least every week to wax painting work for the most basic cleaning, every month to a thorough cleaning.