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Guangzhou Art Fair
- Jul 30, 2018 -

This time, the biggest surprise of the art fair is that the leading figure of Chinese contemporary ultra-realistic oil painting, "leng jun", also came to the scene, and its representative ultra-realistic works have been auctioned for tens of millions of yuan. He was holding a paintbrush, wearing a casual grey sweater and jeans, squinting his highly myopic eyes and preparing to create This is not leng jun himself, but a DNA wax figure based on leng jun, named the artist. This narrowing of eyes is the most common movement of leng jun. It is usually the same when he looks at paintings and sketches. After this work was created, it was highly praised by leng jun himself and regarded as a masterpiece. Leng jun said, already far more than madame tussauds wax museum. Also in the field of hyperrealism exploration, leng jun can be so positive, wax figure creator zhou xuelong said, "it is a kind of encouragement to us, but also a kind of spur." About how to bring their own DNA, Zhou Xuerong said, "the artist", for example, wax hair, clothes, glasses, chair, the brush is from artists LengJun teacher himself, in order to support for the arts, LengJun teacher generous contribution out physical associated with wax, wax makes work, has the characteristic of archetypes deeper, the other two groups of wax hair and dress the same from the archetypes. Art works are not only the likeness of appearance, but also the inner emotion and temperature of the works. They even endow the works with life and soul.