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Film Recommendation - House Of Wax
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Student Carly Jones (Elisa Cuthbert), Paige Edwards (Paris Hilton) and a few friends on the way together drove to the annual college football league, decided in the wild sleeping overnight, it will become a lifetime in the decision they regret. At first, they were in a camp. They clash with a mysterious truck driver, which made everyone feel uneasy and the atmosphere was gradually solidifying. Then Carly's boyfriend Wade (Jade Padaric) and her head, temperament unyielding brother Nick (Chad Michael Murray) is the smell of gunpowder, Carly in order to make them live together in peace together, is also tired.


When they woke up on the second day, they found their cars seemed to have been moved. At the risk of staging the car, they accepted an invitation from a local person to go to Ambrose, the nearest town, to find aid. It's a dark, creepy and creepy Town, which can't be found on maps. And Carly and his friends found that no one lived in town. As soon as they got there, they were attracted by Ambrose's main building, "duti", filled with lifelike waxes. But soon, they found the secrets hidden behind the wax museum, and why the wax looks so realistic.


It turned out that all the sculptures in the wax museum were made of real people! It's a "human meat wax figure" made by an extremely brutal murderer who makes the victim's body. After the discovery of this amazing secret, they will be listed in order to chase the killer object to kill another, hiding in the dark house of wax may at any time to jump out to kill them. In order to survive, Carly and her friends have to take part in the bloody struggle and find a way out. In the end, whether they are lucky to escape from the palm of the murderer or to be the other permanent "human meat wax" in the wax museum.