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EHOO Has Made 5 New Celebrity Wax Figures
- Dec 30, 2017 -

This month, EHOO has made 5 new celebrity wax figure, the 5 wax figures are all famous singers in the United States. They are Jon Bon, Whitney Houston,Katy Perry,Celine Dion and B.B.KING.

These wax figures will be placed in the new wax museum of our customer. We will also provide a full set of installation and commissioning services for the customer, so that the wax figures will be presented to the audience in the best possible condition.

Jon Bon.jpg

Jon Bon

Whitney Houston.jpg

Whitney Houston

Katy Perry.jpg

Katy Perry

Celine Dion.jpg

Celine Dion



EHOO have more than 30 years' experience in figure customization. We specialize in varied life size celebrity wax figures. 

They are widely used in wax museums, tourist resort exhibition, celebrity show, memorial hall, scene recovery, restaurant, coffee shop, movie theatre, varied exhibitions and other entertainment places.