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Dilraba's Wax Figure Will Be Unveiled In March 25, 2017
- Mar 20, 2018 -

On March 18th, Madame Tussaud's, Wuhan, officially opened the date of the opening ceremony of Dilraba's first wax figure, which will be tentatively scheduled to meet with you romantically On March 25th. The same day, as the whisper of brand endorser Dilraba will also attend the "I am the girl" charity conference in Wuhan.

Dilraba Poster

In order to catch a glimpse of Dilraba's spirit beauty, but also for the support of starsDilraba, Wuhan, Changsha fans is "crazy"! From the front of the Wuhan fans told a few stores shelves were empty, and ridicule, said: Wuhan whisper inventory in an emergency!!!