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Cristiano Ronaldo Made A New Wax Figure Of 20 Thousand Pounds, And The Hair Style Of The Wax Figure Was Designed By A Special Person
- Mar 16, 2018 -

Cristiano Ronaldo is going to launch his new wax figure again! After placed in the Madrid Museum and its personal wax museum, this will be Cristiano Ronaldo's third life size wax figure, after completion will be placed in his mansion in madrid.


According to the daily telegraph, Cristiano Ronaldo invited the British wax figure sculpture expert Michael Wade to make his new wax figure. The wax figure will be exactly the same as the wax figure he placed in the Madrid Museum. The Portuguese heavenly king will pay 20 thousand pounds.


In an interview with sun Sunday, Michael Wade said, "we still have the model of making Cristiano Ronaldo's wax figure in 2013, so this wax figure will be a replica of the last work. To keep up with the tide, Cristiano Ronaldo sent us the shirt and his latest shoes.


Michael - Wade also made a special mention of the production of wax figure's hair: "we don't design the hairstyle. This is Cristiano Ronaldo's request to us." We'll put the hair on, and then his hairdresser in Madrid will specializes in pruning. "

According to previous reports, Cristiano Ronaldo sends hairstylists every month to make Hairstyles for their own wax museum in Madrid Museum. The hair used in Cristiano Ronaldo's wax figure is purely natural and imported from India. It is reported that after the completion of the wax figure, it will be used to carry out the European tour first, and then it will be placed in the Cristiano Ronaldo's house.