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Categories Of Figure Sculpture
- Nov 26, 2017 -

First, according to the content of carving

1 children, with children as the object: sculpture carving, stone carving and sculpture are two. Often used to express a childlike innocence, and often used in parks, amusement parks and city landscape sculpture.

2. Celebrity sculptures: sculptures by famous celebrities at home and abroad, such as Chairman Mao, Deng Xiaoping, Einstein, etc.. It is mainly used as memorial sculpture, as a kind of people looking up and recalling celebrities.

3, ancient figures sculpture: this part of sculpture is mainly carved by ancient figures, which is generally used in urban landscape sculpture, reflecting social life and expressing some positive emotions.

4, Western figures sculpture: this part of sculpture mainly for artistic character sculpture, generally used for artistic performance, express the artist's aesthetic, emotional and ideal art.

5, celebrity sculpture: Celebrity sculpture with outstanding performance, noble spirit, loved by the people, the number of celebrities in the world, in different countries and regions have a great impact.

6, religious figures sculpture: religious figures sculpture mainly to Buddhism, Islam, Taoism and other church figures, such as Zeus sculpture, Guanyin sculpture, saint sculpture, Tathagata sculpture.

Abstract: abstract sculpture sculpture, the 7 is based on a real person, true to a virtual shape cast out. Abstract sculpture expresses the author's understanding and expression of society and characters.

8, commemorative figures sculpture: Commemorative figures sculpture mostly with great historical people or people who contribute to the people of the country, mostly used in urban construction, campus development and other public occasions.

9, statues of Buddha figures: statues of Buddha figures are mainly based on Buddhist figures in China and ancient India, which are mostly used for family worship, enterprise worship and urban construction.

10, the main character sculpture: thematic sculpture is mostly used in urban parks and garden construction, and with rich theme of nature loved by the public.

11, decorative character sculpture: decorative character sculpture, as its name is decorative sculpture, often used in the company, catering, campus and other public places.

Two, in accordance with the sculpture material is divided into: the characters of stone carving, bronze figures etc.

Three, according to the scope of application of sculpture is divided into: Commemorative figures sculpture, the main character sculpture, decorative character sculpture, etc.