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British Museum Makes Realistic Elizabeth I Machine Face
- Nov 08, 2018 -


In the "Youth Mask" exhibition at Queen's Palace in Greenwich, the mechanical face of Queen Elizabeth I of England is displayed. It is super realistic. This is made by British artist Mat Collishaw using mechanical simulation technology and digital scanning technology of portraits.


When you approach the mask, her eyes will follow you and blink frequently. Her mouth will open and close from time to time. It floats in mid-air with mechanical devices.

If you face it head on, you may be really scared, as big as face skin, as small as eyelashes, you will feel like a real face, without any flaws.

But from the side, we can see the mechanical devices and wires completely exposed behind the mask. Sure enough, behind a successful science and technology artwork, there are powerful device systems.

Behind the mechanical device is a large mirror. People can stand in front of the mask and look at the reflection of the mirror. What you see through the mirror is what the Queen's eyes see. It gives you a sense of the Queen's perspective and a sense of immersion.