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Biomimetic, Kinetic Energy -- A Dynamic Sculpture Of ENESS
- Jun 21, 2018 -

The art design practice studio ENESS, based in Melbourne, has established a large biomimetic kinetic energy sculpture that combines sound, craft, visual art and storytelling, inviting the audience to experience, and sharing such moments of spiritual and sensory awakening.

The inspiration of the work comes from nature. You will find that the work itself is the avatar of the birds. The dynamic form symbolizes the creator and the wedge-tailed eagle flying again. The whole sculpture is 2.2 meters wide, and the animal looks more majestic by the mirror, and moves continuously through the concept of continuity and the halo of light. The form of motion looks like a bird's wing in a fanning state, and is also a reflection of the general movement of the whole nature: waves, mountain lines, snakes movement and so on. With a spiritual space, visitors can feel the creative space: past, present and future.