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An Indonesian Museum Is Criticized For Exhibiting Hitler's Wax Figure And Forced To Remove It
- Jan 24, 2018 -

According to the website of Deutsche Radio November 12th 2017, there was a "De-Mata" Museum in the central and southern city of Yogyakarta on Java island. In the many exhibition wax figures , there was a Hitler wax figure standing before the background painting of Auschwitz Concentration Camp.


It is reported that many visitors will go forward to take a photo or take a self portrait with "Hitler". In the photos published on social media, some visitors are standing next to real life size wax figure and even holding up their arms for "Nazi rites." And among the visitors to the wax figure of the former Nazi dictator, there is no lack of children. The wax figure is one of about 80 historical wax figures on display in the museum.


After foreign media exposure of these "tourist photos", protests and accusations are coming. Headquartered in Losangeles, Simon Vicen tal center is a human rights organization established to commemorate the Nazi massacre in World War II. The organization requests the Indonesian museum to withdraw Hitler wax figure. Missbach, a museum manager, said in an interview with Agence France-Presse that after receiving the relevant requests, the museum removed the wax figure of Hitler, saying they did not want to cause anger.

But the manager stressed, "our intention is only through the Hitler wax figure to achieve the educational role of learning from history." It is also a "normal" phenomenon that visitors are standing next to the exhibits. But if this exhibit has caused the anger of the people of the world, the museum respects the feelings of these people.