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6 Famous Scenic Spots In Switzerland, A Statue Of A Wounded Lion, A Pure Lake!
- Oct 02, 2018 -


Snow peak is a mountain peak in the Bourne Alps in central Switzerland, 2970 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by famous peaks such as Junior Girl Peak and Tielix Peak. Tourists can take a cable car to the peak and enjoy the magnificent scenery of 200 peaks.


The Lion Monument, a statue of a dying lion as a wounded lion, was designed and carved by Danish sculptor Bartel Torvalsen. Above the statue is inscribed the Latin "HELVETIORUM FIDEI AC VIRTUTI" meaning "dedicated to loyal and brave Switzerland".


Ryusen is the capital of Ryusen, in central Switzerland, at the junction of the exit of the Rhoys River and the Four Lakes, with a population of nearly 80,000. Luzern belongs to the Swiss German speaking area. The German name is Luzern.


Lake Brienz, a lake on the northern foot of the Alps in Bern, Switzerland, is named after the village of Brienz on the northeastern side. The lakeshore is rather steep, and the whole lake has no shallow water area. Brienz lake is known as the purest Lake in Switzerland.


Chillon Castle, located near Lake Geneva near the Swiss border city of Monterey, is also the boundary between Switzerland and France. About a third of the castle belongs to France and two-thirds to Switzerland. Lake Geneva is a Swiss name for the lake, and the French on the other side called it Lake lemon.


Mount Pilatus, an Alpine peak overlooking Lucerne, is located 15 kilometers southwest of Lucerne. Mount Pilatus consists of several peaks. Tomlishorn, 2128m above sea level, and Esel, 2119m above sea level, are above the Pilatus Dental Track Mountaineering Station, where legends of dragons have been circulating for centuries.