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5 Martial Stars Who Have Their Own Wax Figure In Madame Tussaud
- Nov 01, 2018 -

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum has many stars, including hosts, athletes, animation characters and so on. So, do you know which martial arts stars have settled in Madame Tussaud's?


Donnie Yen

Born in a family of martial arts, Donnie Yen followed his mother to learn martial arts from an early age and won an American martial arts championship. After entering the movie circle, most of them are involved in the movie related to action martial arts. As early as August 2010, Wushu star Donnie Yen's wax figure successfully entered the Shanghai Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. The wax figure was modeled by Ye Wen, who starred in Donnie Yen's film Ye Wen.


Zhang Jin

Zhang Jin started martial arts at the age of 9 and won the title of National Wushu English athlete. After retiring, he started doing Wu Ti, who had done Donnie Yen and Vincent Chiao's Wu ti. Until 2000, he played the snow hawk in Xiao eleven Lang, and successfully moved from behind the curtain to the stage. After that, he was a Wushu instructor and director. He had wonderful martial arts scenes in "A Generation of Masters", "A Dream of the Heroes of Huang Feihong", "Killing the Wolf 2" and "Ye Man 3". In September 2016, a wax statue of him and his wife Cai Shaofen was unveiled at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Chongqing. Both couples went to the scene to unveil the wax statue.


Michelle Yeoh

It's hard to find a good martial arts star in China. The well-known Michelle Yeoh is not actually a Chinese, she is a Malaysian. She was once a champion of miss Malaysia and later transformed into a female star. She has a good performance in "beggar", "sword rain", "Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon" and "Wing Chun". In July 2015, her wax statue was unveiled at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hong Kong, and Michelle Yeoh herself was present to unveil it.


Jet Li

Martial arts stars, philanthropists and Hollywood are all Jet Li's labels. He started martial arts from primary school and won the omnipotent champion of the National Games. From the first movie "Shaolin Temple", he began his martial arts star road for more than thirty years. As a famous martial arts superstar in China and the world, Li Lianjie also has a wax figure, but his wax figure seems to have nothing to do with martial arts, but wearing a suit, making a finger to the side action.


Jackie Chan

Like Jet Li, Jackie Chan is also a successful martial arts superstar in Hollywood. Films such as Red Cross, Peak Hour, A Good Man, and the Zodiac are all Jackie Chan's masterpieces. In addition to the film industry, he is also keen on charitable efforts to train new people. Such a great Chinese star naturally has wax figurines, and not only in China, but also in the United States, Japan and Britain.