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5 Famous Football Players With Their Worst Statues
- Nov 21, 2018 -

5 famous football players with their worst statues


Michael Essien

In 2017, his home town, Kumasi, unveiled a statue, but because of its poor workmanship, the building immediately became the laughing stock of the international community.


Mohamed Salah

Salah's statue was unveiled in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, but at least it was a terrible work of art. Maybe it's not the artist's intention to make the statue, but it certainly has a bad taste for the Roman winger. Salah has become the first Egyptian to win the Premier League Player of the Year and the FWA Player of the Year and deserves better treatment if he is to be immortal. To some extent, his statue is thought to resemble corrupt orthodontists from parks and entertainment centers. Maybe artists should consider redesigning it.


Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez of Barcelona. The striker is respected in Catalonia and his native Uruguay. The statue of the former Liverpool striker is outside a shopping center in his hometown of Salto. However, it was not long before the poor quality of the statue attracted worldwide attention. Suarez may not be the most handsome man around him, but his statue does not reflect his appearance. To make matters worse, his statue was later destroyed by unidentified assailants. It's a good thing to get a statue in your country, but Suarez's sculpture artist has done him great harm. It's just too poor.


Diego Amando Maradona

Argentine legend Diego Amando Maradona may be considered by many to be the greatest player ever to play football, but I'm not sure that even his most enthusiastic fans will like his statue. Last year, the World Cup winner won a statue in Calcutta, India. His idea was to create a model of Maradona's youthful self, which was unparalleled at the 1986 World Cup. However, it has been proved that this statue is even worse than anyone imagined. Interestingly, some even said the statue looked more like Roy Hodgson than Maradona. In fact, the statue of Maradona looks better than most of the players mentioned earlier, and his hair and posture are the only things that look strange.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo cannot boast of his elegance, fashion and gorgeous appearance on the pitch, when it comes to the Portuguese statue of his honour. The Juventus star is immortal on the island of Madeira. Artist Emmanuel Santos named it Aerporto Cristiano Ronaldo after its unveiling. However, the statue was ridiculed by the international community after its photos were passed on social media. However, Santos defended his work, saying he did not want everyone to be satisfied with his work.