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Wu Weishan, a Chinese sculptor, has served as a communications fellow at the French Academy of art.
- Nov 15, 2018 -

On the afternoon of the 14th local time, the French Academy of Art held the inauguration ceremony of Wu Weishan, a Chinese sculptor, and awarded him the Academician Certificate. Following the famous painter Wu Guanzhong, Wu Weishan was the second Chinese artist elected to the Academy's communications academician.


Laurent Petitgirard, the lifelong secretary-general of the French Academy of Art, introduced Wu Weishan's artistic history and achievements at the inauguration ceremony, praising him as "not only a great sculptor, but also a versatile artist. Like Monkey King, who will change seventy-two years, the richness of his works is amazing". Pettigilar also said that artists from China are very welcome. "Chinese culture has a long history, is full of vitality and shows vigorous vitality."


Wu Weishan expressed his great honor to be a member of the French Academy of Arts. He said that many Chinese artists in the 20th century had studied in France, and the integration of French art and Chinese art had made brilliant achievements. He would continue to strive to promote cultural exchanges between China and France, and promote French art in China and more audiences as academicians of communications.