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William Chan's wax figure was officially placed in Beijing Madame Tussaud's
- Jul 06, 2018 -

In July 5th, William Chan, as the "Dream Music Ambassador", was formally placed in Beijing Madame Tussaud's,. At the scene, he unveiled his wax figure. After careful scrutiny of his wax figure, the most satisfying part is the pectoral muscle: "hard and hard, his pectoral muscles!" When fans shouted for annual tickets to come to see wax figures every day, William Chan joked after a little thought and responded, "don't touch it!" Make the whole scene laugh.

It is reported that the wax figure deliberately selected the "William Chan InsideMe Tour" classic laser clothing modeling, technology sense. At the scene, the curious baby William Chan saw his wax figure carefully looking back and forth, and then said that the most satisfactory part was the chest muscle. "The body was in the period of the orange red period, when I had the best fitness, so the chest muscle was very well developed." As for the details of the wax image, William Chan also expressed his "big and small eyes", the scars on his forehead, and even the masseter muscles that were exposed to their teeth when they were tense. They were captured by the wax producers. "It's really very similar."