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Why We Choose Wax Museum
- Dec 30, 2017 -

Wax museum is a new exhibition for the theme park, torisum area, ancient streets of city and commercial complex. Our figures are very fantastic and interactive. The tourists are pleased to take photos with them. Every vistors could meet famous stars, politicians and athletes around the world face to face.


The wax figure is a called "super realism sculpture art stereo photography". Wax figure art is closer to the original than the general sculpture, wax figures are vivid, high ornamental, moreover unique function is reduction of historical figres.

Pablo Picasso1-1.jpg

Wax figure is one of the best way og expression, especially in the celebrity figures, folk scence restorion, history scence recovery and so on.

Arnold Schwarzenegger.jpg

Making wax figure is a comprehensive art which start from mud sculpture to other composite material. Different materials are used in making a figure, including wax, silicone, fiberglass, hair, clothes, accessories and so on.

Captain America 1.jpg

Each figure is a unique expression. Based on the characteristic of historial scene, we make them through the most representive moment. Not only the body of the figure but also make the audience feel the spirit of the wax figure.